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Timmy's pizza and BBq   260-357-6666

Open 6 Days a week at 11 a.m.

Sunday and Tuesday thru Thursday closed at 10 P.M.

Friday and Saturday closed at 11 P.M.


Best pizza and BBQ in northeast Indiana

Walk-ins are always welcome! Located in downtown Garrett , we like to think of ourselves as a perfect little place you find and just keep coming back.

Welcome to Timmy’s BBQ joint! The story of Timmy’s BBQ started when Timmy established a home BBQ catering business in 1999. Timmy built a smoker in his backyard which was mainly used for family barbecues but became an important part of the catering business. You knew when Timmy’s was cooking up a storm because you could smell it 2 blocks down the street. Although he was new to the game, he quickly earned the respect of local neighbors through commitment to quality BBQ. Later, Timmy’s home BBQ opened into a restaurant to provide dining, delivery, and catering options to the community. We serve birthday parties, graduation celebrations, and many more special events. In the meantime, Timmy’s BBQ became a regular at BBQ fairs and competitions across the nation